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It works!

the spare part from the car seat heating is really working!

Nice!  It fits perfect in size and power consumption. So the next step is not to far away.


Heart – or better some other part ­čśë┬á ?┬á – what do you desire more?



Schalter LuH


Next step will be to prepare the cabling. But, naturally there is a possible solution.

Back to construction


beautiful weather, sun is shinning, warm temperature, what more could one desire?

So, back to our beloved  Enduro training spot. Bagger

First surprise: The caterpilar was there:

Luckily, a small ramp, or such ;-),   still existed, so we tried our luck and it worked!

Moving on, we spotted a male deer in the bushes:Deer which got away unharmed.

tireI did check my tyre presure when we left home. But very fast I felt, that my rear tyre hadn’t any grip.

So I checked the tyre and:

Running flat ­čÖü

Can be compensated by speed┬á ­čśë , therefore pressing on, but:

My muffler didn’t sustain the next slide, so it decided to leave our company, naturally resulting in a terrible noise.

I had to mount the part losseley to my bike and start to travel back home.

We never met any strollers on the way home in the past, but todays count:┬á 8-10┬á ­čÖü

Auspuff Reparatur
Fixed the muffler at home temporarely with  clamping band and

removed the dirt from the area around the exhaust:Auspuffdreck

Naturally I patched the tire too, but It would have been more fun, without.

At least, I used the opportunity to change tire direction too, so:

Small win!

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