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What if all hurts and rain is coming

So what?
You guess right: Versya goes for the ride
As everything has to go fast, the first leg is done  via highway to the south of Vienna, into the Rosalia mountains, also called the  hillock county (Bucklige Welt)




Not without a reason, as you can see.






The long and winding road ends, where?





Still good weather at Kirchberg





Thunderstorm and rain over the Wechsel area






Back to  Wöllersdorf, everyone has packed and run.


But, I managed the tour down to the Lockenhaus area and back without any harm, lossened my bones and muscles and, did come back only with a few drops , well done…       🙂

Border ride



Nice cup, btw.

I didn’t feel to good,

my throat wasn’t so good either,

in plain: I had a heavy cold.



Thats why I decided for a slow, but lovely round along the near border lineIMG_20160213_125538146, IMG_20160213_125554910

Old trails, different landscapes, enough high spirits for me, to recover,

IMG_20160213_125815526_HDR IMG_20160213_125426436_HDR

as I did, the day after   😉

As Bonus,

I found a new experience to collect, next time…  🙂


encounter in the reed

This saturday was a really fine day!
We experienced really beutiful summer day, warm and sunny, all people we met happy and smiling
Therfore we went to Lobau to hike a smal  tour… Continue reading

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