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Enduro Nemesis

I had spent a lot of tries over the last months, almost 1/2 year since I started my first tries, but training really pays off – sometimess ­čśë
In my case: Finally regular success in climbing the “Death Hill” ­čÖé

Here you will find the long version:

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In time for season start

Hi, finally, a long lasted challenge was fullfilled.

the so called “Death hill” has been conquered. Come and see

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lost in the fog

Hi, I thought I use the relatively lovely weather for a short Enduro training session. At least to check bike function and my rusted bones… Continue reading


for the following wet and cold days ….┬á┬á Continue reading


at the beginning it was very troublesome to get through to the registration sheet.
riders registration Continue reading

one’s weaker self and healthy..


what I am doing, while not driving?

Exactly, fighting with my inner self to gain additional stamina.

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Work Out

hmmm, 35┬░ im Schatten, keine Berge sondern ├Âde Betonw├╝ste, wobei die Betonung auf der zweiten H├Ąlfte liegt┬á ­čśë

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Fitnesscenter, ppff

Ach, was brauch ich ein Fitnesscenter,

ich hab doch eine Baustelle!!
Es sind jetzt schon 2 Tage Schwerarbeit: Dach am alten Schuppen abdecken, morsche Tr├Ąger und Ziegellatten entfernen, und jetzt das ganze in der anderen Richtung.


K.A. wie schwer so ein Dachziegel ist, aber es sind hunderte!!! Mir tut schon alles weh.
Was mich aufrecht h├Ąlt: Es ist Konditionstraining!┬á Wenn ich nicht so m├╝de w├Ąre, w├╝rde ich die Kraft schon sp├╝ren┬á ­čśë

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