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Wheelies, or so

as sayed. After the Erzberg is before the Erzberg.
Thats why there is no interuption in Training, this even more, as I really have noticed how much I am behind Continue reading

in the heat of the night

simply unbelievable, it’s November 7th right? . Continue reading

Equal Pay Day

sad day, as i do now work for free, compared to the income of my fellow male colleagues.

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for shure

I wanted to utilize the good weather today and therefore I picked up junoir from school and we went down to Wr. Neustadt to drive our bikes through the track.

Still, I am not used to the power of the EXC, only for seconds I wasn’t concentrated and I started vertically up the ramp already, thank god, i manged to pull the clutch just in time, and so we only went a little bit more through air, than used too┬á ­čśë , hey, that was close…. Afterwards I am always very concentrated ­čśë

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Lick wounds

hat mich am Sonntag besch├Ąftigt, mittlerweile ist auch die Nachricht aus der Werkst├Ątte da: 1.750,- ÔéČ Reparaturkosten f├╝r den defekten Turbo. Continue reading

Armageddon at the Iron mountain, sunrise in my heart

OMG, this is Armageddon!


Rain and cold (snow) at Erzberg rodeo and I am not there… Continue reading

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