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Only Enduro is dangerous?

Whatsoever he says, he lies ­čśë
Even repairing a malfunctioning wash tumbler can do this:


It tried to refuse my repair skills first  in hindering me, to get to the location of fault, through a narrow gap. But, I am unstoppable!

Naturally, it works again, as normal!┬á ­čÖé┬á Woman Power and repair magic!┬á ­čśë

Spare Rib

Outch, I thought I had already mastered the death hill, but, as it seems and as my rib and my steering bar documents, it isn’t so. ┬á:-/


My last roll over with my cross bike has startled me. Simply hitting my head into the dirt┬á isn’t really healthy at all!
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First Aid

Christmas approaching, Birthday within the next days, the right time for a fitting present:

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Full commitment

marked my part at the Nursch amateur race.

As I had just recovered from a heavy cold, my body wasn’t able to… Continue reading

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