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there was no sun over the last days,
… there was rain
… there was fog

but we didn’t expect to get into the swamp, as we arrived at our favorite training spot.


But we were really happy as we managed to pull us and our bike back out of the deep ground  😉  Not to much driving, but a lot of lifting  😉

Austria, or what?

First thought

Wow, thats to much, poor Sertao:small 2014-08-05_18-15-20_14





Closer look shows a big surprise:!!: small 2014-08-05_18-15-00_881 If you take a closer look, you will not only find the switches, but the lights instead, all around the bike

small 2014-08-05_18-15-09_101small 2014-08-05_18-16-33_585

Wheelies, somewhat better


i did more training, result: Wheelies are now much better, but still a lot to improve  😉

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

Then, I started again my hill climb at the death hill Continue reading


its more a local story., but if you can read german ->stalker

This article has been printed in Österreich, as well as in Heute both free newspapers from the underground


I did have contact with him too, once…
Unfortunately he didn’t touch me   😉

Merry Christmas!

bis jetzt war es ein sehr besinnliches und ruhiges Weihnachten und, das hat nicht mit den Frühlingstemperaturen zu tun, die schreien “Cross, Cross, …  ” 😉 Continue reading

Presents, presents!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me  😉

Naturally someone very thinkful, had considered to present me Continue reading

First Aid

Christmas approaching, Birthday within the next days, the right time for a fitting present:

First Aid Kit small Continue reading

Really, I really tried

to be optimistic, really.. but the curse, it seems, it is still there…

Continue reading

in the heat of the night

simply unbelievable, it’s November 7th right? . Continue reading

The Countdown is on

In the last days, I repeatedly visited the page of the Erzbergrodeo .
Unbelievable, it should be already there..

Continue reading

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