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Prolog Route

During the Prolog race i let my GPS tracker on.

Thats the Route:


It starts at the circle, at approx. 864 m sea level, and ends, 14 km later, after stones, water and fog at 1437m sea level

One simple mistake, combined with a worsened spark plug did cost me about 8 unnecessary minutes (according to log) , unfortunately it was to late, when i recognised my mistake. Pitty, but reason enough to come back next year, to do it better ­čÖé

Erzberg 2014

it was cold, it was wet, it was fun!!

I did manage with each prolog run, to have one major mistake which really did cost a lot of time. But still, i managed to keep position 17th in both runs of the ladies cup among 30 starters there.
It certainly wasn’t enough to get into hare scramble, not even close┬á ­čśë but that was never the target.
So, I survived Erzberg!!

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Spring trainings rounds

The sun is shinning the whole week trough, and temperatures are higher then normal in february… Continue reading

Are you tyrolean?

you are a Crosser..┬á ­čśë

Lunch time break, where to go?

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Sand in the gear

Sie l├Ąuft! Und damit ab zur ersten Testfahrt:

Bad Fischau Continue reading

Out of Flatout

Flatout in T├╝rnitz, und wir haben uns angemeldet, weil es ein stressfreies Rennen werden soll.

Alles ist vorbereitet:
Maschinen, Zelt, Liegen, ein wundersch├Ânes WE in T├╝rnitz kann kommen…. Continue reading

Armageddon at the Iron mountain, sunrise in my heart

OMG, this is Armageddon!


Rain and cold (snow) at Erzberg rodeo and I am not there… Continue reading

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