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January Ride

Wima India called for a participation in their big     #we_are_one ride.

Unfortunately the weather is quite different here in Austria, mid of january 😉

But, this shouldn’t be an excuse not to ride!

So, to honour the worldwide participation in this ride, at least one of the Austrian Wimas was choosen to undertake this mission.

Strangely enough 😉 I was choosen for this task, and I gladly accepted.  🙂

Thankfully the weather was rather moderate and so a 1/2 day trip could commence.

I started on the north eastern border of Vienna, short before noon.

It was a little bit foggy and it had approx. 5° celcius.
But I was neatly tucked in several layers of clothes and so it wasn’t cold at all

I first headed north through the lovely – or better: the normally  lovely –  hills in the northern area.
Travelling on  known paths for most of the first part, but was suprised to find a wooden look-out tower in the middle of nowhere.
Strange, I newer saw it before.

I took a hard turn left onto a gravel road, heading right into the direction of the tower.  Naturally the gravel road turned into a  deep track * surprise! * and I had to master the heavy Versys with its road tires.
But, I managed to get there without any accident.  🙂

Naturally, as I was now there, I climbed up the stairs and admired the foggy view.  😉


Afterwards I traveled further on to a local border town, where I stopped in front of the Mayors House to take another picture.

After a short picture session the tour went on over the Czech border,  and I then circled back  over the open border, again over gravel road.

I found a big hill all over covered with wine cellars .

Surounded by wine yards I took another foto shot, and then I turned around and headed back south, to Vienna.

Damn right in time, as it already started to get dark.

Hmm, I suppose, I should have started a little earlier.
nevertheless I do know my way (for the most part) and so I return safely home after another 2 hours.

I didn’t feel the cold first, but in the last hour, the cold crept through my layers, and so I was really happy, seeing the lights of the city from above.
After the ride I took a very hot shower and a cup of tee. I think, I really deserved it  🙂

brrr, sooo cold

its one of the coldest winter for 30 years in Austria!
The coldest! As it seems, it is still some time before we can ride again in warm weather.
Still, the cold does have a nice side too:
Pichlmayr Gut, Schladming

View from my hotel in Pichl, near to Schladming.

Still, I would prefer riding again 🙂

Snow ride

As I am not experienced with driving in the snow, I thought I start a test drive:

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Freezing fingers guaranteed


Training the other way, but still slanted

It’s not always, that I run, fight or drive to increase my stamina.
No, regular guests of my blog already know, that I like to hike the montains too.

Thats why we used the longer weekend to cross some 2000m peaks over sea level. At this time of the year ingeneral impossible, but as the weather was really fine, and snow wasn’t to much, so we managed to hike bigger tours there:

IMG_20151208_114627832_HDR Naturaly on higher ground, there was some snow, but it could be handeled without snow shoes easily. IMG_20151205_110112380

So we crossed the treelines and went even higher up.



IMG_20151208_110344049But, it was possible to go beneath water too 😉





in summary, enough sport, enough fine food, what more could you ask for?   🙂

For the Ride

Despite the fact, that winter has still not shown his might, e.g. I traveled to our family christmas celebration by bike! :-0

And the EXC is always around the corner ready to take me on the offroad  😉  I slowly  show first withdrawal symptoms.  🙁


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The routeroute
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The snow, i suppose, isn’t as happy about this.
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