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Erzberg 2014

it was cold, it was wet, it was fun!!

I did manage with each prolog run, to have one major mistake which really did cost a lot of time. But still, i managed to keep position 17th in both runs of the ladies cup among 30 starters there.
It certainly wasn’t enough to get into hare scramble, not even close┬á ­čśë but that was never the target.
So, I survived Erzberg!!

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Last weekend the car and vacation exhibition took place in vienna..

First time with and exhibition stand of the iron mountain rodeo, or so it was stated in the news.

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Test drive

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Ist am Samstag bei Kaudela in Maisbirbaum.

Die neuen Modelle 250-f und 350-f stehen zum Probefahren bereit. Mehr unter: ->

Kaudela Testtage

On it goes

because Junior finishes early with school, and the track at Wr. Neustadt, naturally, is completely empty.

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Since June 16th, thats 102 days, the EXC 200 has been a construction site, and, don’t get me wrong, for the time beeing, it still is one…,
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hurray, Jubilee and Tralala…

Unbelievable, simple unbelievable …., this small part did the trick…..Z├╝ndspule

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As I am here, already?

hab ich mir gedacht, das ist die Rettung meiner Ersatzteilsorgen ->


Zentrale Mattighofen

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