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Erzberg 2014

it was cold, it was wet, it was fun!!

I did manage with each prolog run, to have one major mistake which really did cost a lot of time. But still, i managed to keep position 17th in both runs of the ladies cup among 30 starters there.
It certainly wasn’t enough to get into hare scramble, not even close┬á ­čśë but that was never the target.
So, I survived Erzberg!!

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its more a local story., but if you can read german ->stalker

This article has been printed in ├ľsterreich, as well as in Heute both free newspapers from the underground


I did have contact with him too, once…
Unfortunately he didn’t touch me┬á┬á ­čśë


My last roll over with my cross bike has startled me. Simply hitting my head into the dirt┬á isn’t really healthy at all!
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Presents, presents!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me┬á ­čśë

Naturally someone very thinkful, had considered to present me Continue reading


merlely by accident, I stumbeled into an reunion Party of Annika and friends.
From my perspective a hidden talent. Song writer, guitarist and singer in one person…

Youtube shows only a small portion, but, pls see yourself:

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Equal Pay Day

sad day, as i do now work for free, compared to the income of my fellow male colleagues.

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Exception from the rule

sind wohl alle Frauen, die Motocross fahren. Continue reading

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