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hard to soft

junior owns his new SMC 690 since October. And despite the fact, that the Husaberg Fe350 did a wonderful job in this role before, its now time to rebuild the enduro it once was.

this weekend we took the opportunity to rebuild the enduro and strip all the road gear within 4 hours. Now it looks bright and shiny , but only one week from now, the looks will be quite different.
Mud battle commencing! ­čśë


To go into the wild isn’t very encouraging at this time of the year, though better than on road, as getting warm isn’t the problen.
And, having a companion with you isn’t such a bad idea.┬á Junior can now join in,┬á Mission accomplished!

Well, we will see!

Winter is coming, again

Ok, it’s april, so every weather condition is possible, theoretically. but why? Why!

Why does it have to snow again?

It already had so good weather conditions, spring was already there

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Prolog Training

We did race over the field tracks during the winter, but now the rabbits and deers are crossing every time, so its a little bit nerve wracking.
So, we went back to W├Âllersdorf (Bad Fischau) MX track to train with realistic ground
Proud to announce, that I have increased my round speed, right with the first training day!

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As it seems, on straight tracks Juniors FE 350 isn’t beatable, but it looks quite different in the corners…
Looking forward to the prolog track results ­čśë


With the registration for the Erzberg Rodeo, there comes the training preparation.
Thats why winter is again training season! Practise, practise, practise….

My beloved readers may remeber my personal challenge “Death Hill” ? Now, we can handle him in a pass by situation, despite, as in case with the tyres of Junior, they are not really fit anymore..

OK, not always ­čśë



Only for completion:

Motorrad Parade

As there was some time:

IMG_20151116_Bike Parade slall our bikes groupped together, except one:

Husky FE 350As it happens its at the inspection at the moment, but will join us again soon┬á ­čśë

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