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The iron wedding

It’s the 25th Erzbergrodeo, and even though I only accompanied my brother at the beginning, I’ve been actively involved more often than he has been in the meantime.  😛
And I infected Junior with the EBR virus,. So you might say the EBR is some kind of a family tradition.

So what could be more logic than participating in the 25th Erzberg Rodeo? After all we are quite married in the meantime.

Actually, I was reasonable and have declared my resignation in good time (2 years ago), but this,  it must be – once – again. 😉
A little masochism resonates there probably too, or vapidnes, or winter depression, or…..  but actually no matter why,  I have registered as rider again!

EBR Logo

So now it’s time for training ! Eh well, since the Christmas festivities are just around the corner, not so bad at all for loosing weight . 😉


Yes, I haven’t done it!

It was a very though and hard decision for me to participate at the EBR only as visitor in 2017.

My Accident in September showed me, that I have gotten a little bit to reckless with my health and that I should step down. The iron mountain is an enemy you can not, and you shouldn’t underestimate.
With my age, I should encourage my children, which I gladly will do, but avoid such adventures for myself.

I do have mostly positive experience from there.
The physical and mental training sometimes at, or over, the personal limit helped me to nearly avoid the clash with the car at the Großklockner .
So I could walk and drive away only slightly damaged and hurt.
Without the fast reaction, the right instinct and my perfect body condition at the time of the accident  (2 weeks upfront of the EBR), I wouldn’t have walked away from there, but – at least – would have been carried away by ambulance. So many thanks to the EBR Team, I owe you!  😉

Still, I will do my enduro trainings and participate in Workshops, but now only for fun reasons. 🙂



Erzbergrodeo, last day

And, once again. This is our last day at the Iron Giant.

The only thing to do is to put all our wet stuff into the sun, do our final breakfast , look after the devastations all around and finally pack everthing together and move on.
Exact at the time of the HAre Scramble start we sneak out of the camp and leave the area over the rear entrance, avoiding the massed crowed on the hot streets. We speed home, and arrive right in time to see Graham Jarvis winning the race. Congratulations, he is really unbelievable!
There is still time to see the enthralling race through Lazy Noon for the following riders, totally worth it not to miss.
Why we are not at site, you might ask?

The tribune is already overcrowded, visiting one station means, not seeing others and finally, Junior has to regain lost hours with schools, as he has to prepare for some tests in the following week.

Some records from the Life streams:

Hare Scramble 2016

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Full Stream recorded

Erzbergrodeo day 1

Its thursday, it was a long night and so we get up not to early. but, at 9:00 its already busting all around the tent, so we went out to inspect our neighbors. IMG_20160526_091102661,still, there are new participants with their crew and/or family are arriving, space is a scarce thing in the meantime, so the tents are errected along the main street tot. Thank god, we arrived yesterday and have claimed our ground. 🙂

Our combinated tent and transporter configuration does fit very well in the available part of iron ore gravel we had conquered last day. 😉

The view is a little bit restricted, but nonetheless still stimmulating

Oposite the “street” there is a participant from Lans (Its the tyrolian village were I bought my SX long time ago Lans ich komme ) he is busy with his box crew working on his EXC, aside from us, there is a family from germany with their camper, behind us is a bunch of italians, some of them arrived by motorcycle yetserday in the evening.

Multikulti, as it seems.

We do our braekfast with the bought food, and then start for a tour to the EBR main place up the hill. As always, we visit the Erzberg Merchandising, to fetch our rider shirts. Sabine (our neighbor, back in Vienna) is already busy with customers, all of them triing to buy some shirts, caps, etc.. as souvenir. After a short talk and shopping round we proceed to the race office to inquire about this strange new rule, forbidding motorcycles after 8pm. As expected, it was a misunderstanding of the security guy, so hmpf my feet are still hurting from the night walk through stones …, but after all we did clarify it now, so hopefully this will be the last walk uphill.
So, we are heading back to the mainplace to visit our booths too, as well as the new Enduro Cross arena with the new bleachers there IMG_20160526_121922811 Not only the mountain is changing every year…

Its amazing how this lot of people (alone approx. 4000-6000 participants, incl. crew and families) gets entertained and feed day by day. Even, if there is the slight impression, that some of the participants will nourish themselves only with barley, malt and water over the next days. So really biologic and vegetarian at the same time 😉 The overall impression is, that the Rodeo lost some of his wild , adventures side step by step, but I will not miss the the old mixed mobile WC for sure. And yet, there are still a lot of lunatics at the Rodeo. 🙂

After this we did a short exploration tour through the other camp, if we can spot someone we already know, but its hart to spot someone amongst all this tents and transporters. At least, close to our tent is the the german family from last year, they will aprticipate this year too.

During the whole time the Kärcher Rocket ride race takes place, as we do have a good view from the tent on the finish part of the track, we can stay with our cool drinks and watch from there. The only unpleasant thing, as it seems, is our power generator. For some reason the 12V Outlet doesn’t work, so we had to switch to 230V power to keep our electronic devices up and running. GoPro, Mobiles, Tablet, Camera, Loudspeaker, Fridge, etc.. should be loaded all the time. Counting all this items I remember my wild and adventures sermon…. 😉 Next year I will take the solar panel with me, I bet, quite certainly it will rain or snow then …

Ah, weather: Its hot, very hot no wind, no cloud is there, so whats the deal, we fetch some pizza from the main place and IMG_20160526_145911953dispatch it right at the spot.
Shortly after, its time to prepare for the prolog test exploration. As we already know, its a long and slow procedure, and under this weather conditions hot too. We didn’t hurry, yet we did arrive for the start even right in time. From there its 13km uphill, very slowly and hot, and then the same way return (i do not understand why, as after the races we do leave the mountain on the beutiful back site, so the track is ruined by 1600 bikes, two times…) Finally, 1 1/2 hours later we are back in camp and glad to have prepared our solar shower. Thus allowing us to remove the dust from the face and the sweat from the skin.

After this we take our sun umbrella, folding chairs and the camera and head to the border wall of our drivers paddock, from where we do have a nice few over the start and the track of the Rocket Ride. In the meantime its the final rounds, so they start in groups, not making it easier to climp this monstros hills. .


Video from one run

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

In the meantime ts getting dark and so we head to the main tent for the winners celebration and riders briefing. The winners are awarded the traditional stone as price. Breaks are filled with red bull sports clips, every time facinating the perfection of this movies..

After this the party starts!

As junior and me do not drink any alcohol, the situation very soon gets uncomforting, so we head back to our tent.

My new headlight really improves the driving experience back down the mountain, so we arrive safely back at the tent.
As expected, this night isn’t a silent,a s the last, but none the less, this has to be expected. 😉

Erzbergrodeo arrival day

At 2 pm I started loading the transporter, a long list of 165 items were at my packing list.

Everything had to be stowed secure and right in place, the first challenge for the days to come.

At approx 3:30 I was ready to fetch Junior from school and up we went to the highway.

On the way there we filled our canisters and the tank of the transporter, and bought some food and something to drink too.

And up we went…

After a few construction sites along the road ,and 200 km later, we arrived at Eisenerz at 7pm.
Big advantage of the late arrival, we hadn’t to queue at the cash counter,
disadvantage: IMG_20160526_080822704Only a few spaces left within the familiy paddock??

IMG_20160526_080633449_HDR We managed to cuddle between some italian and German transporters and tents and started building our camp.

Unpacking the transporter and the tent, we did have an unpleasant surprise: there are no side sheets with the tent, as it seems we did left them at home?!! OMG!!

A telephone call home verified the fact, the sheets are still at home. My older boy will bring them to us within the next 2 hours, how kind of him!
In the meantime we did prepare the bottom of the tent and then head for the registration desk and the technical check of our bike. Only 4 minutes before closure (at 8 pm) we managed to finally finish this procedure.

So we return to our “tent”, thus reminding us on the mediocre state its still in.

A short check with junior reveals, it still will last approx. 1 1/2 hour until he arrives. So we proceed with our preparation of the inner tent.
Finally a call from junior arrives, he had left the highway.  We did  start our machines to drive to the city border of Eisenerz to meet him there.

I fix the head light on the EXC so we can be on the way even in the dark, but the next unpleasant surprise: Without license plate there is no allowance to leave the camp after 8 pm, wtf?! We had some discussion with the security guy, but he wasn’t willing to give in. So we returned the bikes to the tent and started our walk the hill up and down to Eisenerz.
There we finally met with junior.
As he and we haven’t eaten yet, we enter the Eisenerzer Stüberl for a meal of Wiener Schnitzel and Gulasch, which wasn’t to bad at all.

After this, Junior brought us back to the back entrance of the Rodeo site, which provides us with a shorter way back. Still, the sheets are heavy and I am glad to be back at our tent. As it is 11:30 pm now, we silently start to finish our tent, then do some cat wash, and went to sleep.  At 1:30 am Junior sends an SMS that he had arrived back home safely.
The night is fresh but relatively silent, so we fall asleep fast and unspoiled.

Not a common thing here, as we know: IMG_20160530_093049

last training round, pre EBR

Last chance to train the reflexes.

Did a race against my self, the outcome, lets see  😉

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

The small picture is from today

Only 4 Days to the EBR, I am ready 🙂

Registriered for XXII

Yesss! Got below 700th in the start ranking. 🙂

Registration for XXII

Only a view minutes to go, and registration for the XXII Erzberg Rodeo will start.

Can’t wait to register, probably my last participation in the race.



today, I received the Link from Sportograf with our pictures.
I did upload them to our cloud,
and here is the Link:

Short preview:


Hare Scramble

As I do not have my own video ready,

as a first glance, the official recording  (4:38 hours)

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