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Juniors last pre Erzberg training

We did a fork service on the Husaberg last week. On saturday, Junior did experience a very hard fork and so he skipped our training in w├Âllersdorf completely. ­čÖü
In the meantime we did rebalance the fork and today I fetched him from school and we hurried to W├Âllersdorf. 20min up to closing of the track, we arrived at the site, quickly unloaded the Husky and he did 5 fast rounds to check the setting. .-/

Luckily he was very satisfied with the actual setting, so we stopped right in time to load up the bike and leave the site before closing. ­čśë

last training round, pre EBR

Last chance to train the reflexes.

Did a race against my self, the outcome, lets see┬á ­čśë

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The small picture is from today

Only 4 Days to the EBR, I am ready ­čÖé

Prolog Training

We did race over the field tracks during the winter, but now the rabbits and deers are crossing every time, so its a little bit nerve wracking.
So, we went back to W├Âllersdorf (Bad Fischau) MX track to train with realistic ground
Proud to announce, that I have increased my round speed, right with the first training day!

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As it seems, on straight tracks Juniors FE 350 isn’t beatable, but it looks quite different in the corners…
Looking forward to the prolog track results ­čśë

Up through the air

of the Wr. Neustadt cross track.
Picked up Junior from school, and then directly to the track.
Empty, perfect┬á ­čśë
Bad surprise: His SX engine stutters bad. But, after my long technical fight with the EXC, shorthand action: Spark plug removed, cleaned, reinstalled, works! Continue reading

On it goes

because Junior finishes early with school, and the track at Wr. Neustadt, naturally, is completely empty.

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for shure

I wanted to utilize the good weather today and therefore I picked up junoir from school and we went down to Wr. Neustadt to drive our bikes through the track.

Still, I am not used to the power of the EXC, only for seconds I wasn’t concentrated and I started vertically up the ramp already, thank god, i manged to pull the clutch just in time, and so we only went a little bit more through air, than used too┬á ­čśë , hey, that was close…. Afterwards I am always very concentrated ­čśë

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hurray, Jubilee and Tralala…

Unbelievable, simple unbelievable …., this small part did the trick…..Z├╝ndspule

Build today in the morning, .. Continue reading

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