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Break a leg!

Again and again we are confronted with the dangers of motorcycling:

A driver who overlooks us, an oil puddle in the roundabout, splitt in a narrow corner, a fall at the Enduro drive.

And we try to protect us against it: protective clothing, safety driving training, better tires, higher attention …

But sometimes, sometimes it does not help and a second later we are there, down to the ground …..

In the best case we have a few bruises, a damaged garment, bent or scratched parts on the bike and thats it, already.
Jump up quickly, and go on riding the motorcycle  …

But unfortunately, unfortunately, the story is not always so auspicious and then you can only be grateful that it has not gone worse.

This is the case with one of the last tours of 2 Wima women in some Styrian spots, around Admont, where one of our youngest members (P.) fell disastrously. This time, unfortunately, it was not so light-hearted because her ankle was broken by the falling motorbike.

The first care was exemplary but still she had to follow for about 2 weeks to the hospital in Bruck an der Mur and the procedure plaster, surgery, gypsum, as well as many more days in the hospital.

Well, so a hospital stay is not tingly. At least, when the motorcycle sun comes up for the first time.

Even the whimsical accidents of the other room maidens could not help the invading fades.

In order to raise the mood at least a little, Su and I have decided to combine the useful with the pleasant and to go on a motorcycle to the nursing visit.

The weather forecast was mixed, but also not bad, so we met early in Altmannsdorf to start from there, by Südautobahn to Mürzzuschlag.

From Mürzzuschlag we went via Mürzsteg, over the Niederalpl – with its beautiful turns, Seebergsattel – big dark clouds and really cold, we slip on to the rain gear, further over Aflenz, to St. Katharein – over an gravel road and with small sweeps (New discovery!) to Bruck an der Mur in the local hospital to visit our dear P.

The operation is now 2 days ago, and the urge for movement – lying plaster! – is limitless. Immediately, we pack a wheelchair and push her into the open space:-)

We talk about God and the world, her bike, which has already arrived in Vienna, and the further course of the treatment and the further recovery. Thus the early afternoon passes quite fast. When another visit came in, we took our leave and started to went back to Vienna.



The day is young, the highway is not an choice, the weather has become somewhat better – so optimal conditions for motorcycling.
Therefore, we decide to use the opportunity to return to Vienna via Teichalm, Birkfeld, Feistritzsattel, Gloggnitz, Reichenau, Schwarzau, Hainfeld, Klausen-Leopoldsdorf.

The trip went along  in wonderful weather, almost empty streets (in our direction of travel) and the area always invites to small stops. We should have taken a picnic basket with us! 😉

P. is now better, she has already left the hospital and is on the road to recovery.



I went in the bank,

kotflugelI leave the bank ->


OMG, come on! A small bus had smashed the front fender on my Versys in the meantime.

Tomorrow is  the  Ride4Hope  event in Bruck/Mur ans on monday I had booked a track day at Pannoniaring

At least, I do have a solution for tomorrow, lets see if it stays in place the whole way down and up again.




Bin gespannt, ob das bis Bruck und retour hält.

Touch Down with ouch

Or: Who wants to to fly at higher Game, can easily drop deep.

In my case, approx: 3,5 m Hang
My intention was only to climb a little steeper uphill with my EXC, then the last time, I swear!

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Ouch, that hurts!
And, despite the protectors, covered with bruises:

Schulter Popsch Knie


It started so well:

With fine weather I went throug, or over, Zillertal, Gerlos, Felbertauern, Lienz Runde 2 and Heiligenblut, up to “Franz Josefs Höhe” at the Großklockner – austrias higest Mountain and then, after a short stop further on to Hochtor.Großklocknerstraße small

and there, it happened:
A parked car suddenly went back onto the street, and guess how is there, at this same moment? Meeeeeeee!!!

HochtorcrashShiiiiittttttt. It happens so fast, but first I try to brake, and accepting the fact, that it will not be enough, I try to evade to the left, but, still its to late.

Hitting the car itself is still a black spot for me, but short after I still find myself on the bike, bend over the handlebar, more standing then sitting, completely right and rolling on the opposite track of the road. Thank god, no other car there. It a kind of miracle…
My right knee hurts and my bike really looks dented and scratched all over the right side, the front fork looks skewed, but nothing further, thanks God!
We fill out all accident forms, (unfortunately I am to shaken to call for the police) and I am still shaking from the adrenalin within my blood stream but I decide to check my bike if I can travel on. I fear, otherwise I fear, otherwise I will not drive motorcycle again.
Surprisingly my Versys still operates in good parameters, well enough to carry me down the mountain pass and back to the Hotel at Radstadt. 🙂

It’s only months later, that I receive information, that my opponent files a compromise with his insurance, allowing them to sue me for damages, as from their point of view I AM THE GUILTY ONE for this accident!!!! Are they kidding me?


So the story continues here:

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Head over heels into the dirt

Over the week there was beautiful motorbike weather, but due to the vacation there was simply to much to do afterwards, to spent time with the bike.
Todays forecast announces rain, so hurry up, lets start before it gets nasty, again.
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