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Ciao SX

Today, is the day.

My SX 125, my first MX bike, was sold. The buyer seemed very keen to get the bike, so I wish him all the best and a lot of fun.

125 sx Never thought it, but its quite hard to let loose.
In contrast to my construction site (which is now much more reliable – but it was very hard and expensive work :-/ ) the SX worked like a charm right from the beginning. No one bad day, unbelievable! ­čÖé

Junior learned a lot with it, after he did grow out of the KX 85. And now he is operating his FE 350 like a pro.┬á But without her? I don’t think so.

Bye, bye you trusty bike.

My last round with you is stored on my disk, so you will be present for ever. Sniff…

To sell

Do you want to by a last minute christmas present, are you madly in love with 2-stroke machines?

Then this is your right in time bargain:

IMG_20151114_155337296 IMG_20151114_155352231 IMG_20151114_155403737 IMG_20151114_155413131

Build: 2003/06




It brought me and Junior up and down very reliably



This parts had been changed pre sales:

Piston, Clutch facing, transmission Oil, coolant, Tires (both),┬á plastics – where heavy scratched, sprocket, chain, tooth wheel, clutch cover (big part) .


bike is therefore: Ready to Race.

included Enduro Stand, easy to remove, and easy to use┬á ­čśë


As new

After a few weeks, with interuptions, my EXC got new plastics and stickers, as well as new tires and tubes, and a new drive set.IMG_20151114_162713032

Additional I enhanced it with a new front beam and a led rear light.

Spectacular view in the night and on day!┬á ­čÖé


As I did a mass change on tires I also constructed some sort of a helper:


The second bike, the former SX 125 from Junior is now for SALE:

Motorrad Parade

As there was some time:

IMG_20151116_Bike Parade slall our bikes groupped together, except one:

Husky FE 350As it happens its at the inspection at the moment, but will join us again soon┬á ­čśë

Spring trainings rounds

The sun is shinning the whole week trough, and temperatures are higher then normal in february… Continue reading

Up through the air

of the Wr. Neustadt cross track.
Picked up Junior from school, and then directly to the track.
Empty, perfect┬á ­čśë
Bad surprise: His SX engine stutters bad. But, after my long technical fight with the EXC, shorthand action: Spark plug removed, cleaned, reinstalled, works! Continue reading

5 minutes of joy

hatte ich mit meiner EXC.
Schon am Vormittag … Continue reading

Up and down

geht es in Nursch immer.
Das Wetter war fein – ca. 20┬░, Wolken, kein Wind und wenig Sonne, einfach perfekt! Continue reading

Sun stroke

Ich hab mir immer gedacht in der MX R├╝stung w├Ąre es hei├č…

Eine Lappalie gegen├╝ber einem Dach: Hitze von oben, Hitze von unten….,
Trinken, das frau zu sich nimmt, verdunstet gleich wieder an der Hautoberfl├Ąche.

Wenn dann die Dachlatten zum Wandern anfangen, ist es Zeit das Dach zu verlassen und eine Runde den Fahrtwind zu sp├╝ren.┬á┬á ­čśë

Also die Baustelle (meine EXC 200) gestartet und mit Junior eine Stunde diverse Feldwege und H├╝gel abgegrast, um sich ein wenig abzuk├╝hlen.
Einfach “quick and dirty….”Ausfahrt


too small, a new one is necessary

Martin sagt, und ich verstehs…, “meine KX ist mir zu klein…”
KX 85 DSC_0178 Continue reading

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