Head over heels into the dirt

Over the week there was beautiful motorbike weather, but due to the vacation there was simply to much to do afterwards, to spent time with the bike.
Todays forecast announces rain, so hurry up, lets start before it gets nasty, again.
Naturally first rain drops starting to fall, when i mount my bike, but its still 7° centigrates, so who cares  😉
Offroad again i start with my usual warm up rounds, and take a first video snapshot too  (still bad, due to rain drops, but not as worse as last ones). As batterie is weak (seems I forgot to switch it of in the morning) I turn it off, to safe energy while I do further training rounds. And then, this:
Attacking a steep slope I realise, in the last moment, that beneath the slope, hidden in the grass there is a dip right in front of the slope, outch..
Braking but got stuck with front wheel. And then mud……

After recollecting my bones i find the GoPro stuck in the clay, mount brocken, so where to put it? I then put it into the sleeves of my jacket…, not comfortable at all, but, well, leaving her there isn’t an option…  😉

So, the video available isn’t to long, but i promise next time… good weather, nice views….  (at least hope so  😉   )

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Video-Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I2TG1n0fnA

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