Fog stays, moving changes

This saturday, a day trip to the Hochkar, skiing.
The last weeks were dominated by low, but plus centigrades, and no snowfall. therefore at the start of the week, the big question was: …To go, or not to go?

Luckily weather forecasts were optimistic for the weekend, so we decided to go.
We traveled there early in the morning, temperature decreasing, fog and snowfall increasing on the way.
The whole day was dominated by this conditions, slightly windy, too.

As it was hard to identify the slope, we sometimes oriented us only on the next slope marker appearing in the mist.

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As you can(‘t) see:, gray in gray ­čÖü
Therefore, it was very hard to identifiy bumps, or ice, in the slope, causing us to use much more energy then normally necessary to keep the track.

As it drew dark, we went back home, verrrrrry tirred┬á ­čśë

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