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Hi there!

As winter is coming slowly, but unstoppable, and as junior will receive his A2 driving license with end of November, i was pondering the question, if I schouldn’t start a project over the months to come?

He does own a Husaberg FE 350, which is fully qualified for onroad use.

So,  I thought, i could convertit to a Supermoto Bike.

I read a lot of articles over the last month to get a picture of the necessaary steps for this transition and started ordering.

Some of them are to far fetched (e.g. changing the fork – some adjustment to the compression- and rebound damping will have to do)

But with this restrictions I started ordering

Now the first, and most expensive, items have arrived:



  1. Wie weit seid ihr mit dem Umbau ?
    ohne Adapter für den Bremssattel geht’s wohl nicht, wenn der Durchmesser der BS vorne größer wird, oder …

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